1. Congress and courses fees:

Dental Spaghetti Congress:
- Dentists: 650 PLN untill 28.02.2019 (850 PLN from 1.03.2019)
- Trainees, dental technicians: 420 PLN untill 28.02.2019 (560 PLN from 1.03.2019)
- Students, dental assistants and hygienists: 290 PLN untill 28.02.2019 (390 PLN from 1.03.2019)

Practical courses:
COURSE I ESCD SEMINAR: 500 PLN untill 28.02.2019 (650 PLN from 1.03.2019)
950 PLN  


Rebate packages:
COURSE I  SEMINARIUM ESCD+Dental Spaghetti Congress: 1030 PLN
COURSE II COMPOSITE-ANTERIORS+Dental Spaghetti Congress: 2400 PLN
COURSE IV ENDODONTICS+Dental Spaghetti Congress: 1300 PLN

If you register jointly for the Dental Spaghetti congress and practical course, you will receive a discount for a selected practical course. Offer is valid only for dentists till 28.02.2019. It is not possible to swap separately purchased congress and the practical course participations for the rebate package.


2. Registration: only on-line via ON-LINE APPLICATION FORM

3. Pro forma invoice: pro forma invoice will be available in your Participant's account (only if you pay by bank transfer) and the data for transfer will be sent to the e-mail address provided at login.

4. Payment and invoice: you may pay for participation by online payment or bank transfer; when you have paid for your order, a VAT invoice will be issued in your participant account.
Payments shall be made by the date specified in the proforma invoice. We kindly inform you that timely payment is the final confirmation of your participation and the basis for a rebate in the event of early registration. Please note that your registration will be cancelled if payment is not received 7 days after sending application form.


Bank transfer details:
Targi w Krakowie Ltd.
9 Galicyjska St.
31-586 Krakow, Poland

An account to which payment must be made within 7 days after submitting the online application:
Bank account: Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości S.A. II Oddział w Krakowie
Number: 21 1930 1220 2610 0623 1875 0001
IBAN: PL21 1930 1220 2610 0623 1875 0001, SWIFT: POLUPLPR


All payments should have the notification: short title of the course and Participant’s name or proforma invoice number.


5. Price includes:

- KRAKDENT-edu name badge - authorizing to participate in a selected course, 3-day entry to the KRAKDENT® Trade Fair and courses and lectures of companies (except for courses and lectures, for which the entry fee is charged by the company-organizers),

- congress materials,

- lunch / lunchpack,

- certificate.

6. Early registration: a lower price for participation in KRAKDENT-edu is valid if the Participant sends a correctly completed on-line registration form and payment is made until 28.02.2019 (the date of the transfer is mandatory). From 1.03.2019 the prices for participation are higher.

We kindly remind you that the date you send your payment will be considered as the final confirmation of your participation and the basis for obtaining a lower price of early registration.

7. Resignation and reimbursement: In the case of resignation from participation up until 20.02.2019 the Participant is entitled to the reimbursement of 80% of the paid fee, in case of resignation from participation from 21.02.2019 the Participant is entitled to the reimbursement of 30% of the paid fee. From 4.04.2019 the Participant is not entitled to any reimbursement.


8. Final invoices: Participants can download final invoices from their user accounts from 11.04.2019 to 15.05.2019.