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​Practial course 2 - Louis Hardan


8th April (Friday)

8.30-13.00 | Pre-congress morning sessions - Practical course 1 -2 -3, Seminar INVISALIGN GO


ul. Monte Cassino 2, Kraków

pl. Inwalidów 7/5, Kraków

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8.30-13.00 | Practical course 1 | Tooth wear - how to menage that with Injection Molding Technique

Speaker: dr. Kostas Karagiannopoulos

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Dr. Kostas Karagiannopoulos

Dr. Kostas is a specialist prosthodontist and an honorary consultant at King’s College, London. He is working in specialist practice in London and he has also been teaching training specialists and dental students since 2008. His area of interest is additive, adhesive, interceptive dentistry and he is a key opinion leader for GC in the UK where he has published and trained 250 dentists in the topic of injection moulding.

Tooth wear is the main indication for additive and outcome based restorative dentistry. In this workshop we will apply all the concepts of injection moulding in the anterior worn dentition.

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We will restore 6 anterior teeth in injectable resin using the alternate tooth technique with Gaenial Universal Injectable. All aspects from data collection, to smile design, waxup prescription, trial smile and injecting will be covered.


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Venue: Gamma room, Park Inn‎ Kraków Hotel, ul. Monte Cassino 2, Kraków
​Number of seats: 20
Fee: 1100 PLN

8.30-13.00 | Practical course 2 | DENTAL PHOTOGRAPHS - DOCUMENTATION - TREATMENT PLANNIG – COMMUNICATION - How to make the dental photographs sequence in 4 minutes with MDP?

Speaker: prof. Louis Hardan

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Prof. Louis Hardan

​Prof. Louis Hardan, former head of the restorative and esthetic department at Saint Joseph University Beirut-Lebanon (2013-2019), actually director of the master program since 2019 and coordinator of the prosthetic and esthetic master since 2021. He graduated dentistry in 1989 and continued his post-doctoral education at Saint Joseph University; he obtained a certificate for basic science in 1993, he completed his specialization in restorative and esthetic dentistry in 1995, and completed his PhD in oral biology and materials in 2009. He was an active member of the Lebanese Dental Association board (LDA) (2006-2009) and was assigned as a general secretary of the LDA in 2009. At the present, he is a full professor at Saint Joseph University and owns a private practice in his home town Byblos. He is an honorary and active international Styleitaliano member and the scientific director of this group. He is the Country Chairperson for Lebanon of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD) since 2020, ESCD certified member, ESCD board member and international affairs chairperson since 2021. He is the inventor of Smile Lite MDP (Smile Line, Switzerland) a device to take high quality dental pictures with a mobile phone (Winner of the best of class technology award for 2017 in USA) and Posterior Misura (LM instrument) an instrument for direct posterior composites. Prof. Hardan has many publications in many indexed and high impact factor international journals, chapters in international dental books and author of a book entitled: “Protocols for Mobile Dental Photography with auxiliary lighting” Quintessence Publishing 2020, and has given several international lectures and courses on esthetic, restorative dentistry and mobile dental photography.
If you do not know how to quickly take professional photographs in the clinic, and you don't want to waste a lot of time on it. You don't want to buy expensive and large equipment, then this course is for you! 
Regardless of whether you deal with orthodontics, aesthetics, prosthetics or simply plan the treatment of a patient.

Why do you need this course: 

•    In order to plan the treatment well, you need good photographs.
•    In order to communicate with your patient and the dental technician - you need good photographs
•    In order to publish your work on social media and have more patients - you need high quality photographs
•    In order to choose the best shade when restoring anterior teeth - you need polarized photographs
•    In order for your practice to be effective - you need quick photographs

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What is the best way to make them? - Mobile phone.

If you want to meet the Best Dental Photographer - Come and meet Prof. Hardan - the inventor of SmileLite MDP (Mobile Dental Photography) by SmileLine – Switzerland - an invention awarded as the best of class technology award in the USA and rated as one of the best inventions for dentists in the 21st century.

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Venue: SPS DENTIST, pl. Inwalidów 7/5, Kraków
Number of seats: 14
Fee: 900 PLN


8.30-13.00 | Practical course 3 | ENDODONTICS

Speaker: dr. Fernando Miñambres Freijeiro

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Dr. Fernando Miñambres Freijeiro, BDS, MS​

Qualified from La Plata University Dental School, Argentina, in 1992, Fernando worked as a General Dentist in his private dental clinic for three years before continuing his education at Santiago de Compostela Dental School, Spain; he received a Master of Science Degree in Endodontics in 2000. In 2002 Fernando received a Diploma of Advanced Studies from Santiago de Compostela Dental School. In May 1995, he opened his private Dental Clinic in Sigrás, La Coruña. He still maintains a private practice limited to Endodontics, since 2000. From 1998, Fernando Miñambres was Clinical Tutor at the University of Santiago de Compostela Dental School, until 2011. Fernando Miñambres devotes much time to teaching Endodontics and he has presented over 80 workshops and lectures in Spain and Portugal. He is currently speaker in different Universities of Spain and Portugal. Fernando is a member of the Spanish Association of Endodontics. Vice President of the Dentist College of La Coruña, until 2011.

1.    ProTaper Ultimate oraz AH Plus Bioceramic Sealer – system solution
 Clinical procedure using files and dedicated accessories of the PT Ultimate system
2.    ProTaper Ultimate - the benefits of advanced metallurgy
3.    Shaping the root canal 
•    Morphology of the tooth chamber – access to the root canal 
•    Technique of instrumentation
•    Glide path 

practical exercise - preparation of root canals in training blocks and preparation of root canals in the premolar anatomical model 

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4.    Chemical preparation of root canals
•    Shape of the root canal and the efficiency of irrigation - hydrodynamics of the liquid in the root canal
•    Irrigants, temperature, procedures
•    Activation of rinsing solutions

practical exercise - irrigation of root canals in the premolar anatomical model using the TruNatomy irigation needle

5.    Obturation
•    Filling or sealing - resin or bioceramics
•    Application of bioceramic sealers in clinical practice
•    Bioactivity in practice
•    Technique of vertical condensation



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Venue: Epsilon room, Park Inn‎ Kraków Hotel, ul. Monte Cassino 2, Kraków
​Number of seats: 16
Fee: 600 PLN



Prowadzący: dr. Marco Martignioni 

about speaker >>>
Dr. Marco Martignioni 

Marco Martignoni is graduated with honors at University of Chieti-Italy. He leads a private clinic in Rome Italy and dedicates his practice to endodontics, pre-prosthetic core build-up, restorative dentistry, prosthodontics and aesthetic procedures using operatory microscope. He has published research on post endodontic core build up and, as speaker, and gives numerous lectures and practical workshops in Italy and worldwide on endodontics , on core build up and restorative procedures and  on the use of operatory microscope in dentistry. He is past-president of the Italian Society of Endodontics. Has been president of the congress ESE-Rome 2011 (European Society of Endodontology). He is founder of the Italian Academy of Microscopic Dentistry and honorary member of the French Society of Endodontics. He is founder of the SIPRO Italian society of prosthodontics and oral rehabilitation
​. Visiting Professor at the International Master in Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry, University of Siena.

Invisalign-Go is the new frontier for optimizing treatment plan in aesthetic dentistry. Teeth movements in Invisalign-Go are intended to be controlled and completely safe for any dentist to be approached. Modern Intra Oral Scanners are easy to use and offer immediate images that are readily used by the dentist for complete understanding of the treated.

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The support given by the doctor site is going to monitor the treatment plan and results offering the possibility of better treatments in a dental daily practice.
The system uses the pictures of the patient combined with the digital model of the patient giving the opportunity of evaluating treatment plans and eventually teeth movements in relationship to the smile of the patient.

The study group will focus on the different focuses of Invisalign-Go and how to manage different cases and conditions in which it is possible to combine controlled movement of teeth to conventional dental treatment.
The possibilities are many and most important are in continuous evolution. 



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Venue: Beta 1 room, Park Inn‎ Kraków Hotel, ul. Monte Cassino 2, Kraków
Number of seats: 30
Fee: 510 PLN

13.00-14.00 | Coffee break & Brunch